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Paige Kelly BA, MSACN

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How’s your “Gut Garden” Growing?

​Digestion is a HOT topic in my Functional Nutrition practice as all roads lead back to digestion.

Are you a Gasey Gus? Or a Stinky Pete? Well, this is due to fermentation of, no not beer, your food!

If what you consume isn’t moving through the digestive tract in a timely fashion, it ferments; creating gas, bloating, undigested food in the stool, constipation, nutrient deficiencies, and more.

FYI: Rotting food AKA compost should stay on the outside of the body, like in the vegetable garden, not in your “gut garden”. Gas, cramping, constipation, reflux, are all signs of digestive imbalance. Below are simple steps toward improving your digestion:

  1. Fermented foods(2) such as cabbage, carrots, and beets support a healthy “gut garden”.
  2. Drinking 1 Tablespoon Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 Teaspoon of raw honey of dissolved in 6-8ozs water 1-3x per day is helpful with digestion, immunity, weight loss.(1). 
  3. Maintaining a balanced, and acidic pH in the stomach is the beginning of balanced digestion and the maintence of health.

Stay tuned for next month’s topic, “The Witching Hour” – why you may be waking at 2:00AM. Remember, there is no shortcut to health – small changes over time= long term wellness!

This information above is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or is a substitute for medical intervention.

Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary 15-minute phone consult if interested in creating a healthier you!

About Paige Kelly BA, MSACN:

Paige Kelly BA, MSACN
Paige Kelly BA, MSACN

Paige Kelly has worked in the healthcare field for over two decades. She graduated from the University of New Orleans and later returned for postbaccalaureate work in Biology. Paige ended up graduating with honors from New York Chiropractic College, receiving a Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition.

Her nutrition and therapeutic massage experience comes from working in chiropractic offices, physical therapy clinics. As well as owning a wellness office in Louisiana called “All About Health” which included colon irrigation and therapeutic massage. Paige began her journey toward health long ago when she was presented with several of the chronic lifestyle diseases many of us face today. Paige brings a unique understanding and compassion to her clients based on many years of trial and error with her own experiences which have been heightened by research and higher education.

Paige Kelly is very passionate about sharing nutritional information and the tools to use in order to make changes in your health. Nutrition is an integral part of everyone’s health and healing.

“I feel privileged to share my knowledge with you and grateful for your trust in me. I hope in writing these monthly blog posts I can help you begin your new journey toward optimal health.” – Paige Kelly

Be kind to yourself,


Paige Kelly  BA, MSACN, CNS
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1. Jarvis, D.C. MD. Folk Medicine, A New England Almanac of Natural Health Care from a Noted Country Doctor. Random House: 1991.
2. 10 Fermented Foods You can make at home. http://www.organicauthority.com/10-fermented-foods-you-can-make-at-home

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