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Paige Kelly BA, MSACN
Located in Jeffersonville, VT

Hi! Before I get right into may first monthly post I wanted to introduce myself and give everyone some background information about myself. My name is Paige Kelly and I have worked in the healthcare field for over two decades. I graduated from the University of New Orleans and later returned for post baccaulaureate work in Biology. I ended up graduating with honors from New York Chiropractic College, receiving a Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition.

My nutrition and therapeutic massage experience comes from working in chiropractic offices, physical therapy clinics, and owning a wellness office in Louisiana called “All About Health” which included colon irrigation and therapeutic massage. I began my own journey toward health long ago when I was presented with several of the chronic lifestyle diseases many of us face today. I bring a unique understanding and compassion to my clients based on many years of trial and error with my own experiences which have been heightened by research and higher education.

I am very passionate about sharing nutritional information and the tools to use in order to make changes in your health. Nutrition is an integral part of everyone’s health and healing. I feel privileged to share my knowledge with you and grateful for your trust in me. I hope in writing these monthly blog posts I am able to help you begin your new journey toward optimal health.

Paige Kelly BA, MSACN
Paige Kelly BA, MSACN

In my first post I wanted to go over some of the most common questions I receive from new patients:

Q: Why is weight loss later in life, such a challenge?

A: Weight loss and Diet – for women a lot of negative emotions, expectations, and stress come with these two words.  Re-thinking the approach to your body is the first step to optimal wellness, see how I did that – not diet and weight loss – but OPTIMAL WELLNESS.
In life, we have 3 Cycles of life in years:

  • 1-30
  • 30-60
  • 60-90

We cannot expect our bodies to function or look the same as they did in our twenties when we are 30-60 years or 60-90 years old as our hormones are different, body chemistry shifts, and our life experiences shape our wellbeing (which can be an awesome asset!).  What years are you currently living in? Are you placing demands on your body to lose weight, but may not understand the underlying reasons for achieving your optimal wellness goal?

Q: Why is optimal wellness a challenge?

A: Here are some of the reasons you might be struggling with your optimal wellness. This can include skin issues, weight loss, and even organ functions. Some might seem obvious. But take a good hard look at your lifestyle and choices when reading over this list. You might find a few that you could improve on.

  • Food Sensitivities – you might be unaware of a certain food sensitivity until you get tested. In these cases keep in mind when you have an upset stomach or any other symptoms when eating certain foods. It’s helpful to keep a food journal to keep track.
  • Trans Fats from processed food
  • Equal, Splenda, sweet n low, diet drinks/foods – can make you gain weight
  • Eating low fat – eating healthy fats do not make you fat!
  • DNA – your genetic makeup
  • Environmental toxins – makeup, lotions, or gas fumes.
  • Emotional, Mental, and Physical Stress
  • Not consuming enough fresh vegetables
  • Dehydrated – how much water do you really drink?
  • Underlying health challenges
  • Nutrient deficiencies from pharmaceuticals, poor diet, poor digestion, GERD, Thyroid conditions, diabetes, and many more.

Over the next few weeks, consider shifting your perspective from Diet/Weight loss to Nourish/Optimal Wellness.

Keep it Simple:  

  • Drink approximately  ½ your body weight in water.   Urine should remain a light yellow – the color of lemonade.  Majority of people are chronically dehydrated!
  • Remove any fake sugars from your diet – research has shown that these fake sugars can cause a decrease in stomach health and weight gain.

I hope my first blog post was helpful! If you would like me to focus on any specific topic please feel free to let me know in the comment section.


Be kind to yourself,

Paige Kelly  MSACN, CNS
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