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Paige Kelly BA, MSACN
Located in Jeffersonville, VT

What is the most important item to remove from my diet for wellness?

You guessed it – SUGAR!
Sugar was once called “white death”!

I know, I know, you have heard this over and over again, but the reality:
Sugar is making us sicker and sicker.

The Avg. American consumes appx. 152 pounds of sugar in 1 year = 6 CUPS per Week!

70% of adults are overweight
40% of children are overweight

Consequences of sugar intake:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes (this is a lifestyle disease)
  • Depletion of minerals (eg: magnesium), enzymes, and vitamins
  • Brain Degeneration

And more…

Looking for hidden sugars is one step forward to decreasing sugar intake. Start looking at the foods you are eating which have labels such as those yummy power bars or snacks at the checkout. Loaded with sugar! Also, are you eating a cereal that “looks healthy”, what about ketchup? Read the labels, you will be surprised! It’s also a great idea to go through your pantry and read the labels on all your products. It’s pretty surprising to find how many dressings, condiments, canned goods, tend to have a high percentage of sugar. Even when you feel you are eating clean those hidden sugars will slip you up.”

What can I substitute for the sugary snacks? Try adding nuts/seeds and an apple for a snack instead and don’t forget more veggies. What can I substitute for processed sugar? Local honey, maple syrup.

Just one small change is one step forward toward success!

Paige Kelly BA, MSACN
Paige Kelly BA, MSACN

Hi! My name is Paige Kelly and I have worked in the healthcare field for over two decades. I graduated from the University of New Orleans and later returned for postbaccalaureate work in Biology. I ended up graduating with honors from New York Chiropractic College, receiving a Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition.My nutrition and therapeutic massage experience comes from working in chiropractic offices, physical therapy clinics, and owning a wellness office in Louisiana called “All About Health” which included colon irrigation and therapeutic massage. I began my own journey toward health long ago when I was presented with several of the chronic lifestyle diseases many of us face today. I bring a unique understanding and compassion to my clients based on many years of trial and error with my own experiences which have been heightened by research and higher education.

I am very passionate about sharing nutritional information and the tools to use in order to make changes in your health. Nutrition is an integral part of everyone’s health and healing. I feel privileged to share my knowledge with you and grateful for your trust in me. I hope in writing these monthly blog posts I am able to help you begin your new journey toward optimal health.


Be kind to yourself,

Paige Kelly  MSACN, CNS
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