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Try microneedling at hime with the complete GLO: GLOPRO + Pack n’ GLO microneedling regeneration set.

BeautyBio – Complete Glo: GloPRO® + Pack N’ Glo Microneedling Regeneration SetThe third item in my Ultimate Holiday Giveaway this year is the GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool kit by BeautyBio. I have used my GloPRO for several years and love the results! This is another one of those treatments that you can now do at home, anytime you want, instead of having to do a costly, in-office procedure!


Microneedling is a non-invasive way to improve the look of scars and boost collagen by creating microscopic punctures in the skin. I know that may sound a little scary, but the GloPRO microneedling regeneration tool is completely safe!

The device is made up of micro-fine needles that cause slight injury to the skin, which then encourages the skin to create new, collagen-rich tissue. It will help to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, uneven texture, acne scars, and puffiness in the face and neck. It will help make the skin firmer, too!

Microneedling can also provide amazing benefits for the body. It can reduce the look of stretch marks and scars, and even help with hair loss.

Pink BeautyBio Complete Glo: GloPRO® + Pack N' Glo Microneedling Regeneration Set
BeautyBio – Complete Glo: GloPRO® + Pack N’ Glo Microneedling Regeneration SetThis kit comes with a travel-friendly storage organizer that’s fully loaded with the award-winning BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Tool and all five attachment heads.- GloPRO® Microneedling Regeneration Tool
– Face Microtip™ Head
– Eye Microtip™ Head
– Lip Micotip™ Head
– Body Microtip™ Head
– Rose Quartz Attachment Head
– 5 x GloPRO® Skin Prep Pad
– Pack N’ Glo storage organizer
– Refillable sanitizing spritzer bottleTotal Value: $389


Step 1Use GloPRO® Microneedling Tool with MicroTip™ Attachment Heads at night after cleansing and clarifying skin with GloPRO® Skin Prep Pads.
Step 2: After choosing target area, select appropriate MicroTip™ for the GloPRO® and press power to activate the LED red light and VibroTactile™ stimulation.
Step 3: Roll across area (face, eyes, lips, body) in a combination of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions for a total of 60 seconds. Let the weight of the tool work its magic, no pressure needed.
Step 4: Immediately apply your favorite serum and moisturizer to see 200 times better absorption.
Step 5: Seal in serums and facial oils by rolling skin with the Rose Quartz FACE + Body Attachment Head at the end of your skincare routine

While microneedling doesn’t really hurt, it can be a little uncomfortable. Keep in mind that afterwards, your skin will be red and sensitive for some time. But it’s totally worth it, because it works!

Sign up for my Ultimate Holiday Giveaway below for your chance to win The GloPRO® + Pack N’ Glo Microneedling Regeneration Set and see for yourself!

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