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Aug 31, 2018 | Beauty | 1 comment

There are endless types of moisturizers, formulated with specific ingredients giving you different results. When I look for a moisturizer my number one concern is treating dry skin. Many moisturizing creams have anti-aging ingredients built in, which is great, but for me not the most important.

French brands really do a basic moisturizer best! Brands such as La Mer, Avene, and Embryolisse are among my top favorites. Those last two are very affordable, around $16, and we’ll talk about La Mer later in this post.

I use a variety of moisturizers depending on what issues my skin is having at that particular time. The list below are products that I use on a consistent basis. I’ve used all these for at least 6 months, with some being in my routine for years. I use a moisturizer only in my PM routine. Under my makeup I use a serum, which I think absorbs into the skin better. I don’t like the oily or heavy feel of a moisturizer under my makeup.

So now to my top 5 moisturizers ….


Kate Somerville Exfolikate Glow Moisturizer

This cream is designed as a daily moisturizer helping with dryness, dullness, uneven texture and skin tone.  It’s formulated with glycol and lactic acids which helps with those issues, but can also make your skin sensitive to the sun. This is why I only use this moisturizer in the evening. You should use a foundation sunscreen for added protection from the sun. My face does not see the sun, I’ve had enough sunburns on this face to last a lifetime! The texture is also light and soaks into the skin nicely.


Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

Sunday Riley is a relatively new brand created by a woman, that’s her name, who is a chemist and formulated her own skin care line. It’s a great background story but what I like most is that she started this brand with the idea that she wanted her products to work fast. And they do! This moisturizer is so hydrating and really light on the skin. I saw results immediately. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid, which is one of my favorite ingredients in beauty products. This leaves your skin hydrated and plumped. It also helps with hyperpigmentation, big word that basically means dark patches on the skin, usually caused by sun damage. It’s also made for sensitive skin – bonus!


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury is one of THE top makeup artists in the world. She came out with her line of make-up and skin care around 2013 and I’ve used most of them since day one. Her Magic Cream really is just that, MAGIC! It lifts your complexion and intensely moisturizes your skin. It is also made with Hyaluronic Acid to help seal in the moisture. This is a heavy cream but soaks into the skin beautifully. This is that straight up moisturizer that at times is all you want or need. Let’s put it this way, if it’s good enough for Kate Moss it’s good enough for me! Her line will be available at Sephora on September 13th, so excited by that. I love getting those Rogue points!


Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream

Drunk Elephant is another new skin care line founded by a woman in 2013. Their products are all made with clean, additive-free ingredients. This is another line I’ve become obsessed with recently  because once again the products WORK! The cream  is made specifically to help with dry & dull skin while delivering a dose of barrier moisture throughout the day and night. It has the texture of a rich face cream without feeling heavy on the skin. As the name says this is a whipped cream that is airy and blends into the skin so well. All Drunk Elephant products are fragrance free for those who prefer that.


Le Mer Creme De La Mer

OK, now let’s talk. Yes, this is the QUEEN of all moisturizers. Yes, it’s legendary! Yes, it’s French, but of course!! Yes, it very expensive but Lord does this work. La Mer has different formulas of their face cream, at different price points, but to be honest they are all expensive. This is their ultra rich version which works on dryness. That’s it and that’s why I love it, just dryness. You only need a little bit, the cream is so ultra rich that you do not put it directly on to your face. Take a small amount, warm between your fingers until it becomes translucent and gently press onto your skin. The results are incredible. La Mer has a very interesting background story that goes into the making of their key ingredient which they call Miracle Broth. I will say that I normally purchase the 2 oz. jar which will last me for about 8 months. Granted, I do not use this every day. But when I need it, mostly during the cold Vermont winters, it works. I’ve used this for years and will always have it in my skin care rotation.

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  1. Hi I just stumbled across your site last week so I’m just getting familiar with it. I have a couple questions 1) have you ever tried medical grade skin care products if so which line?

    2) what is your background prior to this blog we’re out in the workforce or have you been a stay-at-home wife or Mom?


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