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If you’re in dire need of some escapism, then this is the post for you!

With the coronavirus pandemic going on, most of us are on lock down and in a constant state of anxiety due to the flood of news reports. Since we are all doing the right thing by staying at home, let’s spend some time daydreaming instead of stressing.

Among all the chaos, we might have forgotten that March is Women’s History Month. In this post, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite luxury brands made by women. I’ll show you that some accessories can transform not only your look, but also your self-confidence. You can be in lady-boss mode to jet-setter lifestyle all with one outfit.


Gumuchian is a luxury jewelry company that I have posted about in the past. Not just because they have magnificent jewelry, but because of everything that Gumuchian stands for.
On any given day, if you walk into the Gumuchian office in Manhattan, you will see several women buzzing around, all with one goal in mind: to bring women the most exquisite, timeless and perfectly executed jewelry they have ever seen or worn. Gumuchian’s slogan is “Designed by Women for Women.”

Their founder and visionary, Anita Gumuchian, and her daughters Myriam and Patricia, carry on a family legacy in the jewelry industry that dates back over 100 years.

The artistry and beauty of their jewelry is evident at first sight. The diamonds and gemstones that they use, along with their unique designs, are what makes this jewelry so incredible to look at and also so very easy to wear. Their office in Manhattan is where all their designs are developed and brought to life by master jewelers. This team of women comes together as one, making each design built to wear with comfort, while lasting a lifetime. This is what it means to be “Designed by Women for Women.”

This is why we are proud to present their pieces to you, since our blog is all about women supporting women!


Kimberly Pucci is another successful businesswoman with a riveting background. Pucci is a worldly woman who, among other ventures, has started her own luxury handbag company. Now, her lines Kimberly Pucci Atelier and Kimberly Pucci Vault, show off her artistic sensibility and unparalleled expertise, which have found their ultimate expression.

Her designs are influenced by her time abroad in Italy. When living in Florence, she was surrounded by art at every turn and she embraced every opportunity to learn more. Who better to learn about style and high-quality accessories from than the Italians?
“Kimberly Pucci Atelier + Vault is an expression of my 20+ year passion for Italian craftsmanship, built on my personal partnerships with Tuscany’s finest jewelry and leathergoods artisans. As an American entrepreneur, I am blessed to have these relationships at the root of my business, and to call the Tuscan people famiglia.” – Kimberly Pucci

Now, with the how hard this pandemic has hit Italy, Kimberly Pucci is donating 20% of every purchase – including Gift Cards – to the Croce Rossa Italiana (Italian Red Cross) to help fund efforts to contain the virus.

Pucci is also doing a very special offer with any purchase of $5,000 or more – you will have the chance to stay in Kimberly Pucci’s own Casa Alina, her 12th-century Tuscan villa, for a complimentary one-week stay when Italy is again open to visitors. You will enjoy the perfect blend of authentic and modern luxury in a truly memorable Tuscan experience!

Now, this is an offer of a lifetime. Instead of daydreaming, you could actually be living it!


Mrs. Stafford rocking a black, business ensemble & Salvatore Ferragamo ankle boots
Mrs. Stafford rocking a black, business ensemble & Salvatore Ferragamo ankle boots

Mrs. Stafford rocking a black, business ensemble & Salvatore Ferragamo ankle boots
Mrs. Stafford rocking a black, business ensemble & Salvatore Ferragamo ankle boots

With this simple black power suit and accessories that do all the talking, you will walk into any room feeling like the boss!

Want the same look? Keep reading for links to each piece.

I call these shoes the showstopper! They are black ankle boots with a gold heel by Salvatore Ferragamo, and I found them online, lucky enough! They really add an extra special touch to an otherwise simple outfit.

Mrs. Stafford wearing ankle boots by Salvatore Ferragamo
Mrs. Stafford rocking a black, business ensemble & Salvatore Ferragamo ankle boots

Mrs. Stafford models the
The Perfect Black Pant, Hi-Rise Flare by Spanx

My black pants, believe it or not, are from Spanx. They are called “The Perfect Black Pant, Hi-Rise Flare” which is the most fitting name for these comfy, yet formal looking pant.

Available in both Petite and Tall, these pants are $148.

Mrs. Stafford wearing the
“Contessina | Jacquard” handbag by Kimberly Pucci

Mrs. Stafford wearing the
“Contessina | Jacquard” handbag by Kimberly Pucci

This gorgeous black handbag is a Kimberly Pucci and called Contessina | Jacquard,” with a starting price of $1,900.00

“When Contessina enters the room, every head turns.

​Its timeless styling looks totally unique in Jacquard weave, one of our exclusive archival 1960s patterns. Your choice of custom details makes it truly your own. Select from our palette of premium pebble leathers, brilliant hardware finishes, and trio of ever-chic sizes. The smallest Contessina is perfect for traveling light; medium holds your water bottle, phone, wallet and pashmina with room to spare; the large version accommodates business files, shoes and other desk-to-dinner needs. Contessina goes absolutely everywhere—and you’ll want one for every destination.”

Mrs. Stafford wearing a black T-shirt & Blazer from the classic Misha Nonoo
T-shirt & Blazer from the classic Misha Nonoo

Both my T-shirt and Blazer is from the classic Misha Nonoo. The black blazer is called the ​Florence Blazer Dress.
“The Florence Blazer Dress is a black double-breasted blazer dress that hits mid-thigh. It features black and white contrast-edge buttons (as well as an inside button for security), pockets, and a classic lapel.”
The Misha Nonoo GIRLFRIEND TEE 2.0 comes in a pack of three t-shirts with white, gray, and black for $185.
“When a Tee is this great (and sustainably made), you want one in every color – so we made it easy. Our Girlfriend Tee 3 Pack features everyone’s favorite tee shirt in colors to match every outfit.”

Mrs. Stafford modeling Gumuchian jewelry
Gumuchian Moonlight Hoop Earrings & Diamond Ring

Mrs. Stafford modeling Gumuchian gold Moonlight Hoop Earrings & Diamond Ring on black outfit
Gumuchian Moonlight Hoop Earrings & Diamond Ring

Each piece of jewelry I’m wearing is from Gumuchian.

Moonlight smooth bezel curved diamond hoop earrings in 18 karat gold
26 round brilliant diamonds, 1.60 approximate carat weight
approximately 0.875″ drop
Available colors: yellow, white, rose
Moonlight smooth bezel diamond band ring in 18 karat gold
15 round brilliant diamonds, 1.00 approximate carat weight
Available colors: yellow, white, rose

Mrs. Stafford modeling Gumichian
Gumichian “Secret Garden” Collection necklace & bracelet

The necklace and bracelet is from the “Secret Garden” Collection.

18k Gold, SECRET GARDEN MOTIF CONVERTIBLE DIAMOND NECKLACE, is a spectacular piece of jewelry.
Secret Garden motif convertible necklace with diamonds in 18 karat yellow gold with hidden clasps creating multiple unique ways of wear including bracelet option
112 round brilliant diamonds, 1.96 approximate carat weight
147 princess cut diamonds, 7.84 approximate carat weight
35″ length
With the matching 18k Gold, SECRET GARDEN MOTIF DIAMOND BRACELET, you’ll be the envy of every lady at the meeting.
Secret Garden motif bracelet with three diamond motifs in 18 karat gold
round brilliant diamonds, 0.88 approximate carat weight
princess cut diamonds, 0.90 approximate carat weight
Available colors: yellow, white, rose


Mrs. Stafford in leopard print skirt, black top & red heels
Animal-Print & Red always go together.

This outfit will definitely turn a few heads as you glide into a room. With the red hot pumps and silky form-fitting animal print skirt, it’s a whole new level of va-va-voom, while still leaving plenty to the imagination.

The red pumps I’m rocking are made by M. Gemi and they are called THE ESATTO 90MM for $278. 

Mrs. Stafford wearing Normani Bias Animal Print Skirt by Free People
Normani Bias Printed Skirt by Free People & The Bianca Handbag by Kimberly Pucci

My sexy skirt is from Free People and it’s called ​the Normani Bias Printed Skirt. It’s currently sold out on Free People’s website, but I was able to find it on another site here.

The Bianca from Kimberly Pucci is a must-have! These handbags come in various colors, the one I’m wearing is the Tan with Orange accents.
“Longer, leaner and infinitely more elegant than your typical tote.
Bianca is crafted in premium pebble leather both inside and out—with stunning color pairings that are absolute arm candy. Roomy enough for laptop, files, gym gear and more, its thoughtful design includes two interior pockets to keep essentials at your fingertips, and comfortable handles that won’t slip off your shoulder. Beautifully sleek and built to last, Bianca takes you anywhere in style.”

Mrs. Stafford models a cropped black cardigan sweater from Free People & black Scoop Neck Tank from Yummie
Cropped cardigan by Free People & Seamless Scoop Neck Tank by Yummie

Mrs. Stafford models a cropped black cardigan sweater from Free People & black Scoop Neck Tank from Yummie
Cropped cardigan by Free People & Seamless Scoop Neck Tank by Yummie

My cropped black cardigan sweater is from Free People, which is sold-out. Here is another very similar cardigan from Topshop for only $30. 

The black tank is called the Seamless Scoop Neck Shaping Tank from Yummie for $34. 

Mrs. Stafford modeling the Gumuchian Contemporary 3-Stone Bezel Ring & Moonlight Diamond Band Ring
Gumuchian Moonlight Diamond Ring, 3-Stone Bezel Ring & Secret Garden Drop Earrings

The Gumuchian ring on my right hand is the MOONLIGHT DIAMOND BAND RING in 18k Gold. The Gumuchian ring on my left hand is the CONTEMPORARY THREE STONE BEZEL RING.

And the stunning earrings are also part of the Secret Garden Collection, SECRET GARDEN LINKING MOTIF DROP EARRINGS.
Secret Garden linking motif diamond accented drop earrings in 18 karat gold
14 round brilliant diamonds, 0.64 approximate carat weight
approximately 1″ drop
Available colors: yellow, white, rose


Mrs. Stafford wearing Everlane Tan Pants & White Pumps
Everlane Tan Pants, White Pumps & a Cashmere Wrap make this jet-setting ensemble.

You’ll definitely be riding in first class in this classic ensemble! This is comfort and style all wrapped up in one outfit, which is perfect for those long flights around the world.

My tan pants are from Everlane.

Mrs. Stafford rocking the Alina | Pebble handbag by Kimberly Pucci
Alina | Pebble handbag by Kimberly Pucci

My handbag is another special Kimberly Pucci design that gives this outfit the little hint of flare it needs. It’s called the Alina | Pebble, and the color I have in the picture above is Oro Rosa for $1,400.
“Go from casual to cocktails without missing a beat.
Shimmery, spacious and incredibly chic, Alina gathers all your work/life essentials with unequaled grace. All eyes will be on its exquisite metallic checkerboard exterior, completely handwoven in premium pebble leather and finished with matching handles that stay comfortably on your shoulder. And thanks to its fully zippered top, only you will know Alina’s carrying your workout gear, book manuscript and a bottle of rosé. Also inside: a matching pebble lining and two interior pockets to secure your smartphone, keys and more.”

Mrs. Stafford wearing a white silk shirt called
Margot Blouse by Misha Nonoo & Cashmere Wrap by Salvatore Ferragamo.

White silk shirt is from Misha Nonoo, called the MARGOT BLOUSE for $235.
“This ‘70s-inspired tie-neck blouse will add a sophisticated touch of vintage appeal to your on-the-go wardrobe. Wear the blouse with a pair of sleek trousers and go big with the bow for an über-feminine look worthy of any event from a typical day at the office to girls night at the theater. Dinner and cocktails are only pair of jeans away—just untie the bow and add a pair of your favorite pumps. The flowy, luxurious fabric is prepared for the busiest of days—just like you are.
The Margot Blouse features a shawl collar with tie and a concealed button placket with metal snap closure.”
My tan Cashmere Wrap is from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Up close shot of Mrs. Stafford wearing the Gumuchian Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Ring
Gumuchian Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Ring

This beautiful, milky ring on my right hand is the GUMUCHIAN 18K YELLOW GOLD VANILLA ICE CREAM CONE RING​.
“‘Vanilla’ ice cream ring in 18 karat yellow gold with cacholong center and diamond details
vanilla cacholong center, 18.85 approximate total carat weight
92 round brilliant cut diamonds, 0.91 approximate total carat weight set in white gold
ring size 6.5”

Mrs. Stafford wearing Gumichian Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Ring & Secret Garden Ring
Gumichian Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Ring & Secret Garden Ring

This bling beauty on my left hand is the SECRET GARDEN OUTLINE MOTIF ILLUSION DIAMOND RING.
Secret Garden illusion motif statement ring in 18 karat gold
65 round brilliant diamonds, 1.25 approximate carat weight
Available colors: yellow, white, rose
And last, but certainly not least, the beautiful Gumuchian tassel earrings!
Well, ladies, that’s all I have for now. Hopefully, this post gave you some distraction, if even only for a few minutes. Stay healthy and happy!

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