Gumuchian November – Part 5

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Part #5 of Gumuchian November!!!

Here’s some background on Gumuchian and why we are so happy to share their jewelry with you.  On any given day, if you walk into the Gumuchian office in Manhattan, you will see several women buzzing around, all with one goal in mind: to bring women the most exquisite, timeless and perfectly executed jewelry they have ever seen or worn. Gumuchian’s slogan is “Designed by Women for Women”. Their founder and visionary Anita Gumuchian and her daughters Myriam and Patricia carry on a family legacy in the jewelry industry that dates back over 100 years.

The artistry and beauty of their jewelry are evident at first sight. The diamonds and gemstones that they use along with their unique designs are what makes this jewelry so incredible to look at but also so very easy to wear. Their offices in Manhattan is where all their designs are developed and brought to life by master jewelers. This team of women comes together as one, making each design built to wear with comfort while lasting a lifetime. This is what it means to be “Designed by Women for Women”.

This is why we are proud to present their pieces to you since our blog is all about women supporting women. It also doesn’t hurt that this was probably one of the most fun couple of days we’ve had just being able to play with such incredible pieces. I do love jewelry and admire the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into making such stunning pieces. Works of art, like the pieces that you’ll see this month, are made to be worn and serve as cherished heirlooms for future generations.

For the month of November, we paired our Gumuchian jewelry with various fashion trends & styles. We wanted to showcase that you can wear luxury jewelry for any occasion. It is definitely acceptable to wear high-end jewelry with a casual everyday outfit.

Today’s look features a necklace from the beautiful and innovative Carousel Collection. Keep reading to see my full #OOTD along with links of where to find the same look.

Gumuchian Carousel Necklace
Gumuchian Carousel Necklace

Gumuchian Carousel Necklace
Gumuchian Carousel Necklace

Gumuchian Carousel Necklace
Gumuchian Carousel Necklace

Gumuchian Carousel Necklace
Gumuchian Carousel Necklace

Gumuchian’s 18kt Yellow Gold Diamond Carousel Necklace is made with interchangeable links, ​which leaves so many possibilities. You can achieve multiple looks with just one piece of jewelry! I wore the necklace as a bracelet and a choker with an attached link down the front. This 33″ length necklace is comprised of 160 RD diamonds, which comes in at 4.80 carats. See the chart below for the different styles you can wear.

Different ways to style the Gumuchian Carousel Necklace
Ways to style the Gumuchian Carousel Necklace

Carnivals evoke all types of fantastical imagery. But none are more magical and enticing than the famed carousel. Steeped in European tradition, Paris whimsy, and shimmering escapism, our Carousel collection is beguiling. The collection was created to be extremely versatile. The necklaces can be worn long or short, doubled up or paired with matching rings or earrings and have detachable bracelets. All while reminding us of those carefree nights under the stars where anything is possible.”

Gumuchian New Moon Hoop Earrings
Gumuchian New Moon Hoop Earrings

Gumuchian New Moon Hoop Earrings
Gumuchian New Moon Hoop Earrings

These beautiful Gumuchian New Moon hoop earrings are unbelievable in person. First, the hoops are made with a left and right earring. The structure is actually genius because it allows for each diamond to be put on display. They are made of 18kt yellow prong setting. The earrings have diamonds that are G in color and VS for the clarity and are also ideally cut. Each individual diamond is a half carat, in layman’s terms they are nice and big! From the combination of color and clarity, they come to a total cost of $72K. These earrings aren’t currently on the Gumuchian website. They are expected to be up on the website within 2-3 weeks. You can check out the whole New Moon collection which comes in various sizes. 

Gumuchian also offers these earrings in the same size but with diamonds that are H-I in color and SI in clarity, valued at $44k.

Mrs. Stafford wearing a green, suede midi dress​, a matching purse & snake skin heels

Mrs. Stafford wearing a green, suede midi dress​ and a matching purse

Mrs. Stafford wearing a green, suede midi dress​, a matching purse & snake skin heels

I bought my dress locally from Bunya Bunya Boutique in Stowe, VT. Since they are a boutique they do not have an online store. I did find an identical dress called the Level 99 Ivan Suede Midi Dress​ from South Moon Under​ for $128.

Mrs. Stafford wearing a green Level 99 Ivan Suede Midi Dress​ from South Moon Under​

Mrs. Stafford wears a Prada bag
Bag – Prada

My bag is from Prada which is no longer available. See below for some similar options I found for you guys!

ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Iconic Soft Top-Handle from Zappos for $297.
​Steve Madden Bfaye from Zappos for $79.99. 

M.Gemi - The Rivista
M.Gemi – The Rivista

Finally, my shoes are called The Rivista from M.Gemi for $278. I know that this is more money than some of willing to spend on a pair of shoes, but M.Gemi is such a quality brand that their shoes will last you a lifetime. I did try to find some other options to give you a variation in price ranges, but there really isn’t anything out there that comes close to this design. ​

A big thank you to Gumuchian!! Check in with us for the rest of this month to see some more stunning pieces.

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