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Glowing with Mrs. Stafford

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Q: “How do I get rid of the tiny white bumps under my eyes?” – Rebecca Bishop

A: This particular question was asked by quite a few people. I also have these tiny white bumps, normally on the side of my nose or near the eye area.

I thought I would go straight to my professional source, Dr. Katherine Lane of Ophthalmic Consultants, here in South Burlington, Vermont. Dr. Lane is a Cosmetic, Oculofacial Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon, who also does my injectables.

If you would like to find out more information about injections such as botox and fillers you can check out my video “Watch Me Get Botox! Plus Q&A with Dr. Lane” on my youtube channel.

According to Dr. Lane:

These tiny white bumps are called Milia.

What are Milia?

Milia are small, pearly-white, or yellowish cysts that can occur on your face (including on your eyelids and under your eyes).

They occur when dead skin cells get trapped under the surface of the skin, forming a raised white bump, looking similar to a whitehead.

Why this happens is not completely understood, although sun damage is a risk factor. Sun will make the skin rough, which in turn makes it more difficult for the dead skin cells to rise to the surface and be shed normally. There is probably some genetic predisposition as well.


Milia will often disappear without treatment. Milia that are bothersome to a patient can be drained easily in your doctor’s office; other options include chemical peels.

Regular exfoliation can improve skin turnover and resolve milia and prevent recurrences. Additionally, home glycolic peels are safe to try. But if it is close to the eye region I wouldn’t suggest using a face peel.

Retin-A products increase the skin turnover rate, as well. This is why it also helps with skin texture and dark spots. When using Retin-A near the eye, it should be a low concentration, and moisturizers should be used to combat associated skin dryness.


First and foremost, sun protection!! You should be wearing sunscreen every day, even if you are wearing a full face of makeup. I know some makeup products claim to have a certain amount of SPF, but to guarantee full protection you would have to use a lot more of the makeup product than you would typically use.

Now, as for the treatment products I mentioned above, there is a number you can purchase to achieve all of these results. Many of them I have talked about in previous blog posts and use daily, or at least keep in the rotation of my skincare routine.

You can also ask your doctor for prescription-strength Retin-A, which I also use but much less frequently. Prescription-strength Retin-A can have a drying effect on the skin and should be used sparingly and followed by a hydrating moisturizer.

Below I will list some of the top products that I use to help with skin cell turnover and keep my skin looking healthy and smooth.

1. Exfoliation/Peels 

I find this exfoliator to be very mild on the skin but does a beautiful job keeping the texture of my skin soft and smooth. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have extremely sensitive skin, but I can use this product every day. I use the GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator in the mornings while in the shower.

This product works beautifully and comes in three different strengths. The different strengths allow you to use it if you are a first-time user of a face peel. You don’t want to start with the strongest possible peel just in case your skin does have a reaction. I would suggest patch testing any peel on a small area of skin first.

This is a jelly-like textured 20% AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and 5% BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) exfoliating peel. Strong ingredients that do the job, this peel only takes up to 20 minutes. If you have more sensitive skin 10 minutes would be best to start. Apply a thin layer, rinse off with warm water then apply a moisturizer or face oil. You will feel a slight tingle, which is normal when using a product that contacts AHA or BHA.

This is a brand that specializes in “clean” makeup. This is a company that does not add “fillers” to their products, so they are all active ingredients there for a reason and doing a specific job. Along with making sure their products are natural and good for your skin they also don’t forget the indulging factor that we love in skincare. They are beautifully packaged and smell incredible.


Many people asked whether these peels will leave the skin “peeling”. The simple answer is no they will not.

I think a lot of people are getting this confused with a chemical peel or laser treatment, which typically does leave the skin peeling. This does make sense, anything strong enough to make your skin peel like that should be conducted in a professional doctor’s office.

These at-home peels will not have that effect. What you may experience is a tingling feeling on the skin after applying, which is normal. You also may see flaking skin, depending on your skin’s texture after using an at-home peel or exfoliator. That is all pretty normal, and a hydrating moisturizer or face oil is always a good idea after exfoliating.

When receiving either a chemical peel, laser treatment, or even doing an at-home peel (such as the ones listed above) you should be extra careful at least two weeks after in the sun. Always wear sunscreen, and even add a hat when going on any outings. If at all possible avoid direct sunlight for two weeks. During this time your skin is brand new, and if you get any sun it will damage that new layer of skin much faster.

2. Retin-A Products
The market is swamped with products that include Retin-A as an ingredient, and you’ve probably been seeing it more and more frequently. The reason why is because it works at reversing skin damage when many products are only preventative. This is one ingredient that should be in everyone’s skincare routine in some form. Now for me, the prescription-strength can be a bit harsh, I only use it now and then when I feel I need to up my game.

The products listed below I keep in my skincare regime continuously and switch up when I feel I need a change.

Retinol Creams: 


Face Masks with Retinol:
​Another great way to add Retinol to your skincare routine is with a face mask. If using as an overnight mask, you will only need a small amount, patted into the skin, and washed off in the morning. If using as a wash-off mask, a thicker amount is needed leaving it on for 10 minutes and rinsing off.

Retinol Eye Cream:

  • Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask is another great product. When using this you do not need to add an eye cream to your routine. Again, this can be used as an overnight eye mask or a daytime eye treatment.
  • A retinol eye cream that is very gentle is the FAB Skin Lab Retinol Eye Cream. This can be used on the entire orbital area and does a great job in helping with fine lines and wrinkles, leaving that delicate skin under the eye smoother and helping to reduce puffiness.

3. Sunscreen
Sunscreen is an absolute must if you are using any of the products I have mentioned in this article. Well, it is an absolute must in general! Even if you are a teenager or in your 20’s getting into the habit of wearing sunscreen every day will save your skin from so much sun damage. You will thank yourself later believe me!

With all the products mentioned here, you are trying to create skin cell turnover. That means beautiful, fresh looking skin. Having that “new” layer of skin, you need to protect it from sun damage as I have stressed earlier in this article.

Here are a few SPF’s I suggest using:

  • SUPERGOOP! is a brand that I use whenever I’m in the sun. They have a wide range of products for the face, body, and under-eye area.

They have a new product called SUPERGOOP! Bright-Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream SPF 40. I love this product and use it under my makeup. Just a little bit is enough, and your eyes do look much brighter.

The Coola Sunscreen Spray is for your whole body and is SPF 50, as well as water and sweat resistant. Along with the ease of using a spray, I find this to be one of my favorites. Did I mention that it also hydrates and nourishes the skin with natural ingredients, and it’s affordable? You can’t ask for much more!

This is an organic, 50 SPF sunscreen that is light and non-greasy for the face. You can wear this all day without that “sunscreen” feeling on your face. This sunscreen is also water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

I hope this helps answer some questions, and gives you a place to start!


Ask your questions in the comment section below for a chance to be featured in the next Glowing with Mrs. Stafford Advice Column. I will answer one question in detail bi-monthly and make sure to do all my research to give the most informed answer I can provide!

Since I started this blog I have received many compliments and questions on my skincare routine. Women have asked, “what is my secret” and honestly, it’s a combination of multiple things. I use many different products and tend to switch up my routine often. Staying out of the sun, and wearing sunscreen is a huge one. Finally, I have not been shy about the fact that I get Botox and filler. I even made a video of myself getting Botox injected, which you can find on my Youtube channelI have written some blog posts about the beauty products I use and routines based on the season or specific skin problems. 

Glowing with Mrs. Stafford is my take on an advice column based around skincare. Each person has unique skin and their own issues they would like answers. Glowing with Mrs. Stafford is my idea of how to share my knowledge on this topic.

This is a place where all of you can ask questions about your skin issues. Ask me about certain beauty products you might want to try, or even about treatments such as lasers or Botox since I’ve done it all!

All and any questions are welcome (concerning these topics).


Glowing with Mrs. Stafford Giveaway: SCOTT BARNES COMPLETE PRO SERIES SET
Glowing with Mrs. Stafford Giveaway: SCOTT BARNES COMPLETE PRO SERIES SET

Hi Everyone and happy summer!!

I thought it was time to change up our Glowing with Mrs. Stafford Giveaway and try something a little different.

I’ve written several blog posts on skincare and skincare products and how to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

For this giveaway, I thought a set of beautiful, professional makeup brushes might be a great idea now that we have worked on achieving smooth and glowing skin. Now that you having invested the time in your skincare routine it makes applying makeup that much easier, but you should also be thinking about what you are using to apply your makeup with to keep your skin healthy and fresh looking.

A great set of makeup brushes is a must-have for everyone. They will make your makeup blend better and achieve even coverage along with making your skin look the best it can be.

The makeup brushes I chose for this giveaway are the Scott Barnes Complete Pro Series Set. There are 10 brushes in the whole set and will cover each part of your face from your eyes to your foundation.

Specific Brushes Included: 

Total Value of $319 

Scott Barnes is an MUA (makeup artist) who has worked with some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood, including my idol J. Lo. I own this set myself and currently use them every day. I have many different brush sets, but I have to say this is one of my favorites as of right now.

This set of 10 cruelty-free synthetic brushes will cover everything you need. There is a foundation brush, powder, highlighter, along with eye and lip brushes.

They are easy to clean with a bit of warm water and a gentle soap (such as Dove) this set will last you for a very long time. If you don’t already you should be cleaning your makeup brushes at least every two weeks. If you don’t use your makeup brushes every day you can go up to six weeks between cleaning.


Glowing with Mrs. Stafford Giveaway: SCOTT BARNES COMPLETE PRO SERIES SET
Glowing with Mrs. Stafford Giveaway: SCOTT BARNES COMPLETE PRO SERIES SET

The most important requirement is to leave your beauty questions so we can keep the Glowing with Mrs. Stafford Advice Column going! The form below will ask you to sign in using your name & email address, which have to be valid since this is the information I will use to contact you if you are the lucky winner. If you do not leave a valid email you will be disqualified since you will be unable to be reached. Leave a comment on this post using the same name and email and then check off the “I Commented” box.

You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram for an extra 3 points each, just make sure to leave the full name you use on Facebook and Instagram handle!

The giveaway has been extended through the end of September. I will pick one winner. Good luck to everyone who participates!

If you have any questions or you are confused about how to enter please send me a email or you can send me a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.


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  1. I have had my eyebrows waxed only a few times. Each time, I was left with a very red inflamed patch which turned into a scab. I tried threading and the same thing happened. HELP! I have been plucking daily, but I’m not sure I am getting the shape right.

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  13. I’m 33 and have done Botox for the “elevenses” and I now get it done for migraines now so I’m able to get away with not having to pay out of pocket! So I have money saved for treatment(s) this fall. I have done one BBL and it was kind of brutal. They put lidocaine on before but it still stung something awful and I haven’t been back since lol. Would you recommend a BBL or just go for the big guns and do a Fraxel treatment? I have a lot of uneven skin tone from sun damage and white spots from acne scars. I don’t like that I have to go back every year for another BBL because it comes back.

    I do wear sunscreen and a hat,, but the spots all reappeared by the end of summer anyway and I was really bummed. I wish they could make the treatments less painful, I’d definitely be more willing to pay for it!

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  22. Hello !! Thank you for the informative and Wonderful post! I have milia on my chin that does not go away no matter what i do ! But i have not tried using a retin A like you suggested! Do you think that the drunk elephant product that you mentioned would be good for a beginner? Or should i start with a mask that can be wiped off the skin since this will be my first time ?

  23. I’m starting to see faint “11” lines in between my brows. Besides injections, what’s the best way to prevent these from getting deeper and more noticeable? Thanks!

  24. I’m going to be 60 next week, and I’ve always have combo skin that still breaks out. I just can’t get that smooth look and now I’m going into the wrinkle years so probably never will, but wrinkles and break outs just don’t go well together let alone they are bad alone, any help would be appreciated.

  25. I have seen so many CBD infused skincare products. My questions is, How is CBD revelant to skincare? And what should we as the consumer be looking for on packaging, ingredient list, etc.. before purchasing? Thank you so much. I enjoy your post very post!!

  26. Ii would love that.

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  28. I have been using Retin-A for about a year and still have peeling issues. I am concerned to just move to a retinol product it will not do much for my aging skin. I have read that Retin-A is the gold standard for producing more collagen and helping the skin age in reverse. My chin and lip area are the worst for peeling and was wondering if you have any tips on using Retin-A.

  29. Hi! Aside from Botox injections what do you suggest for the “11”s coming to form in between my brown? Thanks!

  30. During the COVID closings I was unable to see my hairdresser and made the decision to go gray. Actually at 70 I’m silver. I’ve cut my hair short to get rid of the dyed brown hair, but I’m finding that my silver hair is so much drier and unruly than it was when I dyed it. What are some tips for dry, unruly silver hair to make it behave? I love the new color, and I’m dluwlt growing it into a shirt bob, but some days it feels unmanageable!

  31. I need something that works to help the vertical lines on upper lip. And the dreaded saggy neck!!

  32. Happy Fall everyone! I was wondering if you could suggest a good Body Scrub for the Fall/Winter? Salt based if possible? Thank You so much! I also follow you on IG, @italynchicky

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  35. I have such a hard time finding a foundation that my skin doesn’t react to that also doesn’t settle into my fine lines. I know I shouldn’t use powder foundation at my age, but it’s all I can find that I like!

  36. Mrs. Stafford does have some beautiful skin. I have freckles, that I hate, and it’s so hard to hide them.

  37. I recently started using a Sonic Glow Facial Brush by Conair for cleansing and wanted to ask if you think these facial brushes are good to use on a daily basis? This one has changeable brush heads from a regular facial brush to a silicone facial brush. I was a little hesitant to enter because my married last name is ‘Stafford’ however, I don’t believe we are related! Thank You!!!

  38. I have noticed that the skin on my neck isn’t as firm as it used to be. What lotions or treatments do you recommend to remedy this problem?

  39. So helpful article to read ! Thank you so much

  40. Thank you for the helpful information about the milia! I’ve certainly had them before but they seem to disappear before I can worry about them. On the other hand, I have a burst blood vessel under my eye and it’s been there for years! Is there any way to get rid of it other than going to a derm? Thank you!

  41. I am a a baby boomer with blonde hair , blue eyes and a fair complexion. I have read many times how important
    it is as we age to use less and less makeup. So how does one do that without looking faded and washed out which comes with age? How do I achieve a healthy glow without looking over or under made up? You certainly have achieved that

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  49. I’m chronically ill with CFS/ME, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia. I can’t find a product to help with the darkened, puffy circles under my eyes. I’ve spent $100’s of dollars trying many different products, from many different brands. I’m sure the fact I’m so ill is a major contributor to the stubborn bags under my eyes, but there has to be something that would help. Do you have any suggestions?

  50. I just turned 60 and want to know if there is anything that would help my sun damaged chest. What products should I use.

  51. My foundation always looks like I have something smeared over my freckles. I don’t necessarily want to hide them, it took me too many years to appreciate them, but I feel like my makeup never looks good. Any suggestions?

  52. I’m almost 70 yrs old, been told I don’t look my age, have always taken care of my face, but this last year I am noticing more, and more lines and wrinkles. I know genes play a big role. My skin is dry and also getting bags under my eyes. I know there is no miracle but looking to ease into old age a little more gracefully! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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