Decorating My Christmas Trees

Dec 10, 2018 | Lifestyle | 2 comments

Hi Guys! With Christmas around the corner I know we are all stressed out and limited with our time. Between cooking, wrapping presents, shopping, and much more its hard to find time to decorate. I actually have 3 trees I need to decorate! I like all of you was overwhelmed with the time it took to do all of this. Over the years I found some quick tricks to making decorating your tree not only easy but beautiful! Check out my video to see how I am able to do all three trees within just an hour and a half! 🙂

I got all my decorations from:

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments:) To watch more of my videos check out my Youtube page by clicking on the icon below!!

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  1. I loved all three of the trees! That’s such a great technique you used. It certainly makes it much quicker. And they were all just gorgeous when you finished. Thank you for this video. I love this style of decorating.

  2. Your trees were beautiful, I use picks in my tree also because my tree is not a very good tree and I need to fill in the spaces.


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