Ben & Jerry Flavor Cone Rings Designed by Gumuchian

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I Scream for Great Jewelry!

Ice cream and fine jewelry, what more could a woman ask for?

I always have fun when doing a photoshoot, but this was my number one favorite. I got to eat yummy Ben and Jerry’s while dripping in beautiful Gumuchian gemstones in the form of their various Ice Cream Cone Rings. This shoot initiated a week-long ice cream bender, which I have no regrets about!

Mrs. Stafford holding an ice cream cone & Ice Cream Cone Rings by Gumuchian
Ice Cream Cone Rings by Gumuchian

Gumuchian designed four cocktail rings inspired by ice cream flavors including Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Pistachio Ice Cream Rings. The line wasn’t directly influenced by a specific ice cream brand, but I thought a cute concept for this post would be to compare each ring to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors.

Mrs. Stafford poses with Ben & Jerry Ice Cream & Gumuchian Rings
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream & Gumuchian “Ice Cream Cone” Rings

Ben and Jerry’s has some of the most interesting and unique flavors and combinations out there. They even have a specific department of people who’s only job is to come up with names for new flavors, aka dream job. Also, being from Vermont, I had to represent since it’s one of the things we are most known for.

Ben and Jerry’s factory is the next town over from where we live, and I pass it often. I have personally never been on a tour but my husband, Vince has. He must have gone over 15 years ago, but if you ask him about his experience to this day he is still very upset about the amount of ice cream he got at the end of the tour.

So, just to give you some background, with each tour you are promised free ice cream at the end. Well, according to Vince they give you the smallest baby scoop amount in a tiny little cup. Vince has a sweet tooth and was expecting a full waffle ice cream cone at the end, so his disappointment is still apparent today. Who knows, it was so long ago they might be giving out a more substantial amount, but I digress.

Mrs. Stafford poses with Ben & Jerry Ice Cream & Gumuchian Rings
Ben & Jerry’s & Gumuchian Rings

Gumuchian is one of my favorite luxury jewelry brands because of their beautiful designs as well as the company’s philosophy of women supporting women. It is a family business run by women, including the founder Anita Gumuchian, and her daughters Myriam and Patricia. Gumuchian’s slogan is “Designed by Women for Women.”

Each Gumuchian collection is diverse with one of a kind concepts, and a perfect example of this is their Ice Cream Cone Rings. This line is one of the most charming designs I’ve seen out there and was eloquently executed by their master jewelers. It’s a great cocktail ring that can be worn anywhere and is guaranteed to get plenty of attention.

​Now for this post, I went out and bought the closest Ben and Jerry flavors I could find to match each ring. What I want to do is see if the Ben and Jerry flavors can compare to these gemstones and if Gumuchian got the names for each right.


Gumuchian Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Ring

Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream

Okay, so this is the easiest one to start with of course the ring matches the Ben and Jerry vanilla-flavored ice Crean because it’s just white. So, yes Gumuchian nailed this one right on the head!

Based on ice cream alone vanilla is one of the dullest flavors you can choose. To each their own I guess, but with all the other options out there it seems like a boring choice. Unless it’s on top of a brownie or covered in chocolate syrup vanilla is not my first pick for ice cream flavors.

But according to Ben and Jerry, their vanilla flavor is, “more vanilla-tasting than any Vanilla you’ve ever tasted.”

But as far as the Gumuchian Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Ring, this one was my favorite out of all of them. The pictures do not do it justice! It’s simple yet still flirty and fun enough to stand out.

The “Vanilla” ice cream ring in 18 karat yellow gold with cacholong center and diamond details. The vanilla cacholong center is 18.85 approximate total carat weight. And has 92 round brilliant cut diamonds, 0.91 approximate total carat weight set in white gold.


Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

So when I went shopping for these four flavors of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream I could only find Strawberry Cheesecake instead of the plain strawberry. Honestly, I didn’t even think they sold simple strawberry flavor until I looked it up online because I could not find it in one store.

​Based purely on appearance I would say that it’s more or less a match. Strawberry ice cream on in general is a lighter tone pink than the gemstone, but Ben and Jerry’s adds the strawberry chunks. If you compare the strawberry chunks and the rhodochrosite center of the ring you get almost an exact match!

The Gumuchian Strawberry Ice Cream Ring reminds me the most of an actual ice cream cone. The playful pink and the waffle cone band gives the impression of a real ice cream cone without being literal.
The Strawberry ice cream ring is in 18 karat yellow with a rhodochrosite center and 92 round brilliant cut pink sapphires details.


Gumuchian Chocolate Ice Cream Ring
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

This was another one I had to make a substitute for because I could not find straight-up chocolate at the grocery store, but it worked out perfectly. I think the chocolate fudge brownie was a better match for this gemstone. The obsidian gem is brown mixed with darker spots, so it is a great match.

​I would consider Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie to be one of the best flavors. It is made for the chocolate lovers out there because it is so densely made. Two bites and your sweet tooth will be completely satisfied.

The Gumuchian Chocolate Ice Cream Ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry! I love the details in the obsidian stone and the deep chocolate color feels rich and warm.
The specific ring description is pretty much identical to the previous ones, click here if you would like to request more information on this item. 


Gumuchian Pistachio Ice Cream Ring
Ben & Jerry's Pistachio Ice Cream

While writing this post I realized I have not tried nearly as many flavors as I originally thought, so I want to retract my statement saying vanilla is a boring choice!

​I have never tried pistachio ice cream and I don’t have the urge to do so anytime soon. I just asked my husband if he’s ever tried it and he said yes. When I asked him what it tastes like he said “Pistachio.”

Based on a comparison of the I think it pretty much on point. Pistachio ice cream is green and the chrysoprase gemstone is green.

Gumuchian’s Pistachio Ice Cream Ring is a stunning green stone that pops with any outfit! The Pistachio ice cream ring is 18 karat yellow gold with a chrysoprase center and with 82 round brilliant cut green tsavorite details. Set in 18 karat yellow gold with black rhodium detail.

Mrs. Stafford laughs while holding an ice cream cone & wearing Gumuchian rings
Layers of Ice Cream & Rings

Now, this was a fun and silly post which hopefully brightened your day. I’m not being serious when I compare ice cream to beautiful gemstones, and I’m being painfully scrupulous but it’s all in good fun. I thought this would be an entertaining twist on a jewelry post and maybe give you a hankering for some ice cream at the same time.

​With brighter & longer days, warmer weather, and hopefully some happier times ahead of us we can start enjoying ourselves again.

Mrs. Stafford eating an ice cream cone next to Ben & Jerry's ice cream tubs

Mrs. Stafford enjoying some ice cream & high-end jewelry

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